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I could clap for at least an hour but stopped at three. I pity Trump. Overly insecure due to Dads inability to either praise or love his son. Coupled with being second pick, after his older brothers failure, and the additional pressure to prove your worthy. My Dad received no recognition from his father until he was on his deathbed, and in many ways it passed on to me. I never detected insecurity in him but I am sadly afflicted. If it isn’t perfect I failed. I had the same upbringing. The student parking lot in high school had better cars than the teachers lot. I was far from being the spoiled brat but lacked a true appreciation for all the advantages. I have continually worked since age 16 and supported myself from the moment I left home. I also own my own business that involve anywhere from 14–24 hour work days. I’ll never be rich like my parents but I’m fortunate that I found something I love to do. I never have a day where I dread getting up and going to work. I also recognize the sociopath in Trump. My sister was one and took herself out of the family over 20 years ago. I was alone to care and deal with the passing of my parents. I never married or had children. I knew I would fail at both compared to my parents 63 years together. I also briefly worked alongside a sociopath. It was mentally exhausting to the point of wondering if I had a mental illness. There’s no medication or sure fire treatment due to their inability to recognize they have a problem. His lying was pathological and mostly minor and inconsequential. But if rolled off his tongue so smoothly and easily you couldn’t detect he was lying. Much like Trump. If you called him on it the anger was swift and immense and you were ostracized from his life. Their feelings are fake and forced. It’s why you don’t really feel like Trump has any feelings or empathy when he’s offering sympathy or condolences. How so many educated successful men signed on to cabinet posts amazes me. And so many people chucking aside their morality and values in support of a time gone by. I kept thinking this could be the present day reenactment of The People’s Temple staring Donald Trump as Jim Jones. During the transition my first thought was Invasion of the Bodysnatchers. All those visitors that I thought I recognized or knew went up the elevator as skeptics, but came back down as smiling supporters. Are they pod people? All their doubts have disappeared. Hope your wife gets a laugh out of my imagination.

A couple of times I’ve felt sorry for Trump. Every word uttered is critiqued down to the tiniest detail. But then I think of his ugliness in his words and actions, and his inability to accept fault or blame. I can identify to a degree with the sons. After my parents were gone I soon felt this immense sense of freedom. I could be my real true self. Never having to carry the burden of being a disappointment to them. My appearance changed. I became more spontaneous and appreciative of little simple things. I also have occasional guilt that I’m not grieving their death more. I think of them daily and miss being able to talk to them. I bet the sons will have the same feeling. I think they will come into being their real selves instead of weak spokesmen for Daddy. Always taking a back seat to the golden child Ivanka.

I often wonder if the Dems would be as spineless as the Republicans are. I would hope not. We may be perceived as weak or losers, but I can live with that. I couldn’t live with winning by lying, cheating, or taking advantage of others. I’m a happy and proud remnant of the peace and love generation ✌️✊️

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