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I don’t see where we are even close to that. No quotas need to be met in professional sports. Team owners and coaches are still a white majority. To team owners they are looking at it from a business perspective. Best player for the least money. It would be ironic that the roles would be reversed. The white athlete would have to work twice as hard to stay on the same level, and they would probably receive a lower wage.

Jimmy’s cornerback dream might be crushed because he aimed to low. Quarterback is where it’s at and still dominated by whites. Are they just naturally better, or is it the visibility factor? What about boxing, hockey, or golf?

Last year I came across an article from a white supremacist site. The article was about viewership of pro sports declining due to the rise of more black players, and white males aren’t identifying with them. I’m clueless if any of that is even remotely correct.

I live in NASCAR country and it’s still as white as can be

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