The original “OG” fellas, “Dr Dre,” and Ice-T and so forth were crack dealers who poisoned their…
Nick Stuart

I presume you know the history behind crack and how it took over the black community? I also don’t excuse bad or criminal behavior. Live by the gun, die by the gun. I continually have an internal dialogue to keep from stereotyping people and look at everyone as an individual. I’m very much aware of an easier life I have had. White people may not be gangbangers on the street, but we are no less guilty of criminal activity. I see it in Wall Street, bankers, politicians, big companies. The current opioid crisis is very much the responsibility of white people, and its killing white people. The mass shootings are mostly committed by whites killing whites. I have had one major criminal incident. I was living in Sarasota Fl, attending college and still living at home. I worked part time at a bookstore and newsstand. I was robbed and kidnapped and went from Sarasota to Lake City Fl. A 10 hour ordeal with a white male holding a gun to my head screaming I’m going to blow your fucking brains out. While he still had a gun to my head the police blew his brains out. It was a case of suicide by cop. Ive never been a crime victim of any other race. Most crimes we see on the news are incidents between criminal elements. A common thread I see is young males at an age of trying to find where they fit or belong. A gang becomes a family. Isis persuades them to join. Hate groups recruit some one to enter a church or drive a car into a crowd. It crosses all racial and religious boundaries.

Chance the Rapper gave $1 million to the Chicago school system and works to end gun violence in Chicago. Denzel Washington donates and supports Boys and Girls clubs. Magic Johnson, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey, Michael Jordan, Tyler Perry, Russell Simmons, and many more work to provide better schools, scholarships, healthcare, and mentoring. Even Snoop Dogg coaches youth football. Maybe its you that has the blinders on. Looking at black people as nothing more than criminals or leeches on society. White guilt? Maybe. I look at the blessings I’ve had in life and if I can help someone realize their dreams or potential why not? Discrimination and denial just breeds hatred and retaliation. BLM was started by 3 women to bring attention to the number of deaths of black people. Having a degree in Criminal Justice I see both sides. Lives lost due to poor decisions. Lives lost to escalating circumstances. Ive also seen police skirt justice. But the right wants the public to think BLM supports killing cops, and anyone on the left is violent and supports Antifa. I don’t support any violence. Ive never hit anyone or been in a fight. It doesn’t make me feel better achieving goals by stepping on others or holding them back. So much of the success and greatness of this country came at the expense of slaves and immigrants. We enjoy cheap goods due to sweat shops and cheap labor here and abroad. I just prefer to recognize their efforts than look down on them

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