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I won’t be turned into a cold hardened person. I’ll die first. The rise of the every man for himself saddens me. Ive always been the supporter of the underdog. My kindness is seen as weakness. Democrats will lose because we don’t fight dirty like Republicans. I don’t want us to. I sleep well at night because I haven’t harmed another to benefit myself. Money and wealth are God and it’s destroying us. Ive always admired Warren Buffett. Meager salary. Simple life. Doing something positive with his wealthy. Seems to be a happy man. I just read that he graduated from Wharton. Same school as Trump, yet polar opposites. I see it over and over. The really rich you would never know. They aren’t flashy or flaunt their wealth. The wanna be’s let everyone know.

I’m sorry your family has to endure the nastiness of bigotry and negativity over immigration. Growing up in Ohio we became friends with some Cuban families who had fled when Castro took over. I admired the sacrifices they made and the ability to start all over again. I deliberately smile when I see people of the Muslim faith. I want them to know that not everyone sees them as terrorists. My staff is diverse. Gay, straight, transgender, multiethnic, black, white, Hispanic, Asian. I work with artists and road crews from all over the world. I think of a wonderful example with one of my dressing room girls. She is setting up the dressing room and this guy is in there ironing a shirt. She asked him if he knew whether she should put more than 4 drinking glasses in the room. He answered that 4 would be more than enough as only one person was using the room. Shortly after that she was embarrassed. The man she spoke to who was ironing the shirt was Steve Winwood. Regular guy with no need to announce who he was. Glimmers of hope for humanity. People are clueless of the economic impact that mass deportation would bring. We are lazy and act to entitled to do the work they do. We should show gratitude instead of hatred and fear. I’m hoping that this current climate of ugliness will push parents to raise caring children

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