Weinstein: “We All Make Mistakes.”
Allie Long

It’s going on right now but in another sphere. The silence of the Republican Party. They are whispering in hallways and behind closed doors, but they are continually allowing Trump to take this country down. Their agenda is way more important than speaking up. What’s a nuclear bomb when we can get tax reform. Allies are secondary to repeal and replace. How many are turning a blind eye because they are in power. They have control. The morality of Congress is no better than Hollywood. I don’t take issue with the Bret Stephens article. Weinstein was carrying on with a long held practice, and no one told him he was wrong. Money and power outweigh morality. Winning and a political agenda are more important than the foundations of our democracy.

What’s sad is that it remained hidden until Weinstein was no longer the golden boy on top. I’m sure the outcome will be similar with Trump. Republicans will speak out when Trumps support has eroded away, or their constituents have had enough. Plenty of people have prostituted their values and morality in hopes of a better future. I’m still wondering why.

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