What If You’re The Guy Who Perpetuated “Me Too” Happening?
Benjamin Sledge

Thank you for your honesty and ability to recognize your own shortcomings. What bothered me the most about the recent Weinstein saga is the length of time he was able to get away with it. Shame on the men and women. I can almost understand Harvey’s mindset. For every woman who refused him there was another who had no problem giving him what he wanted. Women who use sex as power to get what they want as well. I’m sure in college not every No really stayed a consistent No. Should we be surprised by confusion among men? Ask any woman in a relationship how many times she’s had sex just to get her partner to shut up and leave her alone. Girls are raised to be nice and polite (translate-submissive). Strong or authoritative women are seen as bitches. I think of all the times I’ve been disrespected by men and never spoke up. All the great male interactions I’ve had until 30 minutes to an hour later the conversation turns to sex, and when they realize it’s not going to happen the conversation abruptly ends. Fake interest with no regard to my humanity. Just an object of satisfaction.

The rearing of children needs to change for both sexes. Women are to be respected and treated as more than just an object of desire. Women are not to be raised as second class and not due the same respect. Both sexes need to have mutual respect for each other, as well as respect for themselves. Women don’t respect slutty men and we aren’t super aroused by dick pics