Another piece of excrement by a writer versed only in lies with a rank skank of political agenda.
Clarence Dobson

What are the lies Clarence? What I see is a letter from Carrier stating facts. If Trump was honest and such a straight shooter he would have told the whole story. And where is this $7 million coming from? Trumps pocket or the taxpayers of Indiana’s pocket? What about the guy at the ball bearing plant right down the road from Carrier who was informed that he and 350 others would be without a job soon as the plant was moving out of the country? He wanted to know who was going to save his job. All the way around it boils down to the almighty dollar. Companies have to answer to stockholders who are looking for a profit on their investment, and we want cheap products no matter where they are made. As a country we sold our souls to foreigners ages ago in our quest to own more and more. Budweiser? No longer American, and neither is that bottle of water. And Trump? He doesn’t even own the majority of the buildings that bear his name. A good portion of it he sold to the Chinese. Let’s make America great again. What a laugh

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