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Why do Republicans like to turn something so minor into an issue that seems catastrophic. If only we had a leader that spouted facts instead of whatever fake news he read on the internet. Where is the proof of millions of fraudulent votes? I’d love to see the comparison of fraudulent votes vs. the number of minors that purchase alcohol using fake ID’s. Barely half the citizens even vote at all. How inspired is someone going to be to repeatedly wait in line to place a single vote? Seems to me that as a citizen it is my right to vote and the burden to prove who I am should fall on the state, not on me. I bet if the state had to shell out money to set up registration places that covered the entire state the voter ID issue would quickly end. I’d even concede to grandfathering in the law. If it’s your first time voting, then show an ID. If you haven’t voted in 10 or 20 years I’d be fine with that as well. And to reiterate my point in my first sentence, I live in the Republican controlled state that had to quickly pass a law to protect children from the massive number of transgenders molesting children in bathrooms. How did we exist so long without this as an issue?