As to Chris Rock: The real point about Chris Rock is that he’s rich.
Dallas Dunlap

Yes, Chris Rock is rich and he did work hard but the point is unless someone recognizes him or knows who he is he is still faced with racism or discrimination. I remember years ago reading about Donald Trump facing bankruptcy and banks were going to lend him money to get him out. I thought that would never happen to me or you. Would a bank give us money after we showed we made poor choices or decisions? He didn’t pay taxes for years to offset his losses. Legal? Yes, but only because wealthy people are writing the laws and they look out for themselves. I’m the daughter of a CPA and my dad pointed out many laws that favor the wealthy to skirt paying taxes.

I agree with the majority of your points. I worked hard and own my own business, but I also had a good foundation and education that got me there. That is not the case for many. Not all schools are equal. Minimum wage has not risen in relation to inflation. Corporate mentality is everyone is replaceable. Jobs shipped overseas, hours cut to avoid providing benefits, older workers forced out to be replaced with younger cheaper labor. Your father was wise and moved to where the work was and now all the towns that are dying because the jobs left have their hands out for government help as well. Shouldn’t the same philosophy apply? Life isn’t always fair or equal but it has become very skewed to favor the wealthy over the poor and middle class

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