Damn you are an easily defeated loser.
Michael Parker

You are correct that America is a land of opportunity. Our form of government and the can do mindset make it possible. We aren’t hindered by a monarchy or caste system, or dictatorship. I’m a small business owner and collectively we are the job creators and largest employers, yet I don’t see the tax credits and incentives that go to the large corporations. Corporations that abandoned their country and its citizens in favor of profits. Sure Apple is based here but not made here. Steel, textiles, electronics, apparel, all gone. Did the employees of Anheuser-Busch become millionaires when the company was sold to Belgium based InBev? It’s hard to make America great again when it’s being sold off to foreign investors. Why has the wage gap only grown bigger? Certainly not from trickling down. Congress? Rich people writing laws to benefit rich people.

The very people that denied being the excuse or scapegoat for the lack of success of African Americans, are now guilty of doing the same to immigrants. The line is long of people vying for that 3am job mopping floors at the nursing home. The dream of picking strawberries in the fields is gone thanks to immigrants.

That cellphone you were able to afford is courtesy of the misery or exploitation of another. Our government is now in debt to China. The companies that are growing and reinvesting here seem to be the ones that respect and share their fortunes with their employees and communities. Profit is not their sole purpose.

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