Wow, talk about either missing, or pretending to miss the point.
Louis Weeks

Don’t want to argue with you.

I think the word “normal” is a loaded word…maybe you didn’t mean it that way. I’m sure you are a kind person. I am too. It’s hurtful to read some of the sentences online that come off as personal attacks, whether or not they were intended that way. I will assume that we both misinterpreted to a degree.

I am not a “hard left liberal.” I don’t engage in name-calling. Some liberals have compared Trumps rise to the rise of Hitler. Factually, there are similarities. I presume you were just as offended with those who compared Obama to the same historical figure. I do not use that comparison lightly, nor did I personally make that statement. I was mislabeled into a category where “you” was (probably) used as a plural, but read as a singular.

I usually don’t engage online, but I feel like this election is different that any other election. Facts have demonstrated that Trump has a history of engaging in unethical business tactics, bully behavior, stepping on the little guy, & lying. He wants adoration, power and money. He has already blasted through the political norms and boundaries that we have held for other politicians, which is why I predict he will do the same when he is in a position of power. Maybe he will do a great job, but I doubt it. I would love to be proven wrong. My pride is not too big to be squashed in this historical moment.

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