You are not a normal American, most Americans are not blindly loyal to either end of the political…
Louis Weeks

Why don’t you think I’m a normal American? Why do you think you know my political history? Are you saying that Americans always have to agree with each other? Are you saying we are not allowed to have different opinions? How do you know that we don’t agree on some things? Why are you so offended by my opinions but not the bully behavior of the President Elect and many of his supporters? Are you saying you never disagreed with President Obama nor uttered an unkind word about him? What makes someone a “normal” American? Is it defined purely by politics? If so, does that mean that since Hillary earned over 2.5 million more votes than Trump that her supporters are actually the “normal” ones?

I’m genuinely curious about those questions; about why you think it’s ok to lump people into an “abnormal” category based on one stated disagreement. I hope we can both agree that just because a certain action isn’t specifically illegal, that does not mean it is the right thing to do. There are norms and procedures that help society function smoothly without being legislated.

I think we can all try a little harder to spread kindness. Disagreeing on policies or preferring one candidate over another is not inherently a bad thing. But being disrespectful, judging people based on their identity, or the way you perceive them, that doesn’t seem helpful in moving the discourse forward. I think you make some fair points. But the tenor and tone tell me that you disrespect anything I might say from now on, regardless of my reasons. That is not going to help us listen to each other and solve problems. America is a great country which values disagreement and vigorous debate. That’s where the best ideas come from…not demanding everybody march in lock step. The pendulum swings back and forth naturally; but gumming it up or obstructing it when it’s swinging the other way is not governing. It’s playing politics, disrespecting the American people, and disregarding the Constitution that we hold dear. It’s making power the end goal rather than serving the American people.

If no one ever challenges your ideas, how do you know you have the best ones? How do you know they can’t be improved upon? My parents taught me that mistakes were a wonderful gift, for without them you aren’t learning anything new. I try to learn something new every day. I am sadly learning that people who voted for Trump are intolerant to any questions, ideas, and even people that dare to think differently than they do. That is not the America I love. But if ignoring, encouraging, or tolerating the bully behavior of the President Elect is what they are using as a role model, I am certainly not surprised.