Curaçao’s Floating Market And The Story Of It’s Salesmen

Colorful wooden boats line the piers in the heart of downtown Willemstad, Curaçao’s capital city. From them come fresh fish, tropical fruits and vegetables as well as the unique story of the men who sell them.

These salesman at Curaçao’s Floating Market are from Venezuela. For decades hundreds of them have sailed the forty miles from the Venezuelan coast to Curaçao in order to make a living and support their families back home.

They dock for about two to three months at a time to sell produce and other goods. These men even live aboard their boats when the work day is done.

Some of these men also catch fresh fish daily to sell at the market. Supply ships from Venezuela come in daily to restock the boats of the Floating Market with vegetables and fruits.

Their trade has been passed down through generations of men from Venezuelan coastal towns and they have created a Venezuelan community along the piers of downtown Willemstad.

These floating merchants provide a steady supply of fresh fruit and vegetables to the island which due to it’s arid nature cannot produce them.

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