Distillation a prerequisite for our Metamorphosis

Nothing is constant , and the world and its inhabitants are in a state of evolution , adaptation and survival. There is so much energy that we can access , that can propel us to achieve and live out our divine purpose.
 But we need to be poised , positioned and in an acceptive state to harness such immense power.

Our mission on Earth is to transform, mature, evolve, learn and improve. Every morning we have a choice to become a better version of ourselves. We can choose to ‘chip away’ at our goals and work towards the small wins that over time create the mountains and skyscrapers we all admire. The universe is here to push us to become the best version of ourselves , but remember whatever we feed multiples.
 So yes , today will be full of New :

  • experience
  • thoughts
  • dreams
  • fears
  • doubts.

Remember whatever we feed and cultivate ‘grows’ . We are the the farmers to our mind, body and soul. Nurture them all with love , kindness and patience. We need to consciously feed our the thoughts and experiences that contribute to our Divine Purpose. If you allow fears and doubt to roam freely in your being it will very quickly , like a deadly virus overun your being.

Metamorphosis should occur regularly in our lives and its prerequisite is normally a distillation period. This is where you are refined into a finer version of yourself. During this refinement process we push our thresholds until we finally leave behind our ‘old skins’. We may very well become despondent while enduring such ‘pain’ and may want to give up. In words of the great cyclist Lance Armstrong pain is temporary and will cease but the act of quitting and its consequences will last forever.

The more of these periods you create and choose to endure the more refined you will become. Like a fine wine you will become better with age !

We owe it to ourselves to truly metamorpihize if not on a daily , weekly , monthly and yearly basis . Forget new year’s resolutions and pick ‘ DAILY RESOLUTIONS’

We need to appreciate , respect and seek out the rewards of both distillation and metamorphosis , as it is directly correlated to our personal growth , development and happiness. The more we focus on becoming better version of ourselves consistently we will become that exquisite , colorful butterfly .