How to Use Custom Buttons to Boost Your Business for More Profit

Melissa Potter
Sep 5, 2018 · 3 min read

Custom buttons are small colorful buttons that are used for promoting and advertising a business. These buttons come in different types, shapes and sizes to fit the promotional needs of different businesses. Custom buttons may come in round forms, square form, rectangular form or oval form depending on the needs of the business. Custom buttons are not limited to the products they can sell because they can be used to sell different products ranging from food houses or clothes. These buttons may also vary in quality and as a result you should be very careful when buying the custom buttons. Ensure you analyze them to get the best quality since these products may have a very great impact when it comes to your business.

Major benefit being that custom buttons make the greatest marketing tool as they are referred to as walking billboards. This is because custom buttons turn your customers or your target audience into walking billboards for you. You can stick them on their t-shirts, travel bags or even water bottles simply because a colorful button with a beautiful slogan will attract a great deal of attention. The more button you are willing to share with your community, the more chances that many people will see them and the more likely that they will come to your stores with the expectation of getting a similar button.

Custom buttons and button magnets are also a cost effective method to use to promote your business. They become cheaper with the frequency with which you buy these custom buttons. The more you buy them the cheaper they become. Custom buttons, unlike other promotional methods such as using handouts tend to last longer. You don’t have to worry that they might be destroyed by external factors such as bad weather or people who are out to destroy your business simply because they will be in safe hands. Buttons that you may not have issued may be issued to your target audience another day to make sure that they are in great hands and people that you can trust to market your business.

Everyone loves custom buttons which makes them a great handout at events with many people such as trade shows. As the people are moving around the booths, everyone is able to see your product on these custom buttons thus covering a great audience than in normal cases. People might specifically seek your booth simply because they intend to get the same custom button they have seen with someone else. Many people may wonder how these custom buttons are made and there are therefore different shows such as Everyone Loves Buttons that seek out to organize an event where everyone gets an opportunity to make a button or two. They are made using different button pin makers which means that the button can be pinned anywhere on the audience be it on their jacket or the bag they are carrying.

Another advantage is that you are free to use multiple custom button designs to promote your business and at the same time keep track of your business promotional budget. If for example you have several businesses, you might consider using different designs for different type of business. For instance, for a restaurant, you might have one button promoting drinks, another button promoting meals and another button promoting newly invented menu for the kids. You can have your fans or employees use different buttons depending on what type of meal or menu you might want to be advertising that day. You therefore discover more profit when you use custom buttons to promote your business due to the fact that everyone loves custom buttons. For further details, please read more here.

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