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A day in the minivan using their device.
How to use the device

My group and I decided to design a device that will match and have all the needs for our user which was 5 eco-friendly Hippies going out for coffee in a minivan and then go perform at a protest.

What we did is we brain stormed ideas about what is an eco-friendly device that we can put into their minivan and what features they will need to get through their day. We all decided that the interface will have some hard buttons and touchscreen. We decided to do this because we assumed that for the user they will like some type of old system instead of high tech since they may be old. For their main menu we decided to add Music, Food, Maps, and Entertainment. We decided to add this to their main screen since they travel a lot to different events happening in their state and they will probably want to stop by to grab a bite, listen to some music on the way, or find their destination.

My experience with designing our device was we had to take a lot to consideration. We had to consider many things about how the interface was going to look and how we are going to make it easy for the user to use. Questions that I thought of during the process is How will we make it eco-friendly? What are the main features we want to hit? and How will the user interact with the device? There was so much to take into consideration to make just one device for a certain user. Some problems we encountered is we had no idea about how we can make this device eco-friendly. We did not have much background about the engineering behind the device. What we can learn from that is by finding people who actually know this stuff that can help us with what we need in order to meet the requirements we set in our group.

What I liked about this project is that it made me actually brainstorm every single specific thing about the device. Their is so much detail that goes into one thing that you can not stop thinking about ideas that can be added to a single device. I like how all our ideas can combine and make an even better idea for the user.

How I can see people applying this technique in the future is when engineers are innovating things to make it better for the people. Examples of things still being innovated is cellphones a specific one I can talk about is iphones. The iphone company always come out with a new version of the phone every year like the 4, 5, 6, 6plus, or 6s telling people how they innovated the previous phone to having a better camera quality or so on. The people engineering these phones are trying to make it better and have the user want to have it because its better and easier with the updates that the other phone does not have. Another is doors. Engineers brainstorm ideas about what kind of does will be convenient for different places. Like grocery doors will have automatic doors, small shops will have doors that you will have to open yourself, school doors might have automatic locks, and a house door will be a secure one with locks. These doors were thought out about what the user will need to satisfy their needs. How I see myself applying this technique is when I get into my career as a Chemical Engineer and think about what type of chemicals will be eco-friendly, or what do the consumers want out of the product.

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