Five #MAGA Trends This Week

Melissa Ryan
Jul 30, 2017 · 3 min read
Farewell Reine. Hello Mooch!
  • A continuing trend: The Frog Squad didn’t care about health care repeal. Arguably, it’s been the biggest news story of the past two weeks, but you’d never have known it from reading #MAGA media and social media. At most, they’re using it as a way to bash Republicans for not doing the “God Emperor’s” (yes, really, they call him that!) bidding, but until Friday they only seemed to manage tepid outrage for that.
  • Trump’s weird passive-aggressive dick fight with Jeff Sessions is breaking their brains, however. Right wing media are, for the most part, coming to Sessions’ defense. Trump’s groupies over at “The_Donald” subreddit don’t know what to think. The best they’ve come up with is that Trump and Sessions are playing some kind of 4D chess that mere mortals like the rest of us simply can’t understand.
  • Speaking of schisms, Anthony Scaramucci — in his first week on the job — has already shown himself to be another wedge. The Mooch’s late-night confessional to reporter Ryan Lizza proved instantly divisive. Breitbart did not appreciate the way he went after Steve Bannon and devoted most of its front page real estate on Thursday to trashing the Mooch, but his antics played far better on #MAGA Twitter and over at “The_Donald” subreddit, where they applauded his style and attacks on Reince.
  • But who has time to focus on trivial things like health care, The Mooch, or our “beleaguered” attorney general when there are fresh Debbie Wasserman-Schultz conspiracy theories to obsess over? The inevitable Phase 3 of any news cycle (as defined by Charlie Warzel) that’s bad for Trump is here. A former Democratic IT staffer was arrested for bank fraud this week, and DWS is involved. The story has been percolating in right wing land much of this week, and on Thursday, the Tweeter-in-Chief himself weighed in, retweeting a Townhall piece accusing traditional media outlets of burying the real story.
  • Finally, Trump’s sudden ban on transgender troops serving in the military was wildly popular with the Frog Squad. They loved that it upset liberals, that it apparently will force Democrats to move back towards social issues. They loved the chaos that it created. It wasn’t something anyone was calling for really, but Trump’s Army will always support him using government to bully or humiliate others. It’s what they love most about their guy. Trump can pick a new group of people to bully any time, and his base will enthusiastically join the mob.

Kickstarter Update

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A few quick updates:

One week in and we’re 17% to goal. A solid start, but I still need your backing to be fully funded. Can I count on your support?

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