Amazing Ways Hooping Can Change Your Life

Calico Kalie in this beautiful photo taken by Hondo Olivias

WHY are people are going so crazy about hula hoops? Especially those who are no longer children? They’re just toys right? Wrong. Here is a list of the miraculous things that can happen when you decide to start hooping.

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Find Yourself

Hoops have a magical way of helping you find where you belong in life. They can help you become an ambitious person that is motivated by wonderful things (such as being able to inspire others). Before hooping, I feel like I wandered around life clueless about who I was. I was miserable and stuck.

With hooping, you will find that you suddenly have an exciting and worthwhile aspect to your life! A life where you can focus on what’s good. You will most likely find where you feel you belong. This may be the first time in your life you have ever felt that sense of belonging. That is how I still feel about it after over two and a half years.

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A photo of me hooping on a statue

Hoops have a way of doing things to make you feel GREAT about yourself!

First of all, they help you lose weight.

Second of all, they help you tone up muscles you never thought existed.

Third, they tend to surround you with happy hoopers that make you feel confident.

All hoopers have seen their bodies go through changes and they understand the process you’re going through. This is just a few of the many ways hooping can make you feel awesome.


The support you’ll get from other kind people is heart warming and outstanding. Even some people in your life that don’t participate in hooping will suddenly become happily surprised with your new talents. My parents are very proud of me and what I do. They support my decision to pursue hooping for a living.

Most supportive of all can be other hoopers. They understand what it takes to pursue it. Although you must realize that hoopers are humans (and humans can be hurtful), most hoopers are very kind, supportive, and amazing people!

Surprise Yourself

Me doing a 5 hoop box split

When you start to master some concepts and your talent starts to build, you may wonder “What ELSE can I do?” The answer to that will surprise you many times. If you stick with it, you will surprise yourself over and over again for years! The things I find myself able to do continue to astound me every day! If it weren’t for hooping, I would have never been able to do many things I have always wanted to do. Hooping causes me to realize that I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to do and that not giving up is ALWAYS rewarded.

For an example, the following are things that hooping has motivated and prepared me to be able to do for the first time:

  • juggling
  • head stands
  • backwards rolls
  • somersaults
  • cartwheels
  • graceful dancing
  • other flow arts (levi wand, staff, poi)
  • coordination required for sports such as football, soccer, baseball, basketball
  • I am working towards being able to do MUCH more (such as hand stands)

Permission to Be Silly!

I understand that many people are not the type to be silly. However, being around hoops and other hoopers not only gives you permission to be silly, but it is ENCOURAGED! The best moments of hooping for me are when I can laugh at myself, be silly, and make others laugh. Laughter and joy is my favorite aspect of hooping. It can be contagious and I like to inspire others to let their silly side out.

What has hooping done for YOU? Feel free to leave comments on this website, on facebook, or any other media!