The World Through a Hooper’s Eyes

Most of you will notice that once you really get into hooping, your life changes. Not just in your happiness, energy, and positive outlook on life. Not just the weight loss (if it applies) and improved body confidence. But the way you feel about everyday things, people, and places will now start to depend on its relationship with hooping. Let’s list some!

1. How you see indoor spaces

One of the places I performed at in 2013 had a beautiful indoor space

Does this sound familiar? “Is your place pretty big inside?” or “Do you have high ceilings?” “Is there room for hooping there?”

These are some questions you are likely to ask before entering a new place. Hoopers no longer think of indoors as just a place to get out of the cold or rain. They immediately scope out the horizontal space and the vertical space and then think “Can I hoop in here?”. When the space is small, we can die a little bit inside. But when we walk into a surprisingly large space, our eyes light up and our spirits are raised! Hallelujah, hoop space!

2. How you see outdoor spaces

Carli Jones submitted this beautiful photo of her hooping in Atlantis, Bahamas

When the weather warms up and its time to go outside, we are thrilled! However, we have some specifications that we like about our outdoor spaces. First, we like nice, even ground. We like to avoid hills, bumps in the ground, and anything we can trip over while lost in our flow. We don’t usually like places where our hoops could roll down a hill, get stuck, roll into a big river, or get lost. We love nicely kept lawns and we like smooth, even concrete (if we don’t have a deco taped hoop, that is, haha!)

We look around for nice “video scenes” to make our next best video. “Oh that place would make a really awesome hooping video!” But most of all, we love connecting with nature while lost in flow.

3. The clothes you wear

Hooping clothing made by

“I can’t wear that. I can’t hoop in that”. The summer is an excellent time to explore hooping. We love wearing tank tops, shorts, and sometimes even swim suits! The more skin contact, the better it stays controlled. We start to arrange our wardrobe around our hooping. If we plan to go somewhere without our hoops, we can wear whatever we choose. However, when we are going hooping, we will usually avoid anything slippery or anything that can hinder our progress. As a hooper becomes more advanced and more used to it, they can get away with keeping the hoop going on clothes like leggings, hoodies, and jeans.

4. Your hair

A screenshot of Rachael Lust’s video, March Madness

Those with long hair can become very frustrated sometimes. I have considered going bald quite a few times since I started hooping haha. No matter how you put it, it gets in the way. It takes your hoop, wraps around it, and yanks it away from you. Ponytail, bun, all down, half up, pigtails, it doesn’t matter. We still can’t figure out how Rachael Lust (in the photo) hoops so well and does such impressive duck-outs with her hair down and in her face. That takes major skill!

Maybe we can all try some princess Leia hair and see how that works?

5. How you see the weather (and obsess over it)

A picture from hooping on a nice, sunny day

When you start hooping, you are probably going to want to know the forecast, constantly. You might want to check it about 20 times per day, just to find out if it got sunnier and warmer. In the winter, you may not check often. However, Spring, Summer, and Fall are constant forecast checking times. If you’re planning a hoop jam or a party with hooping, you are probably going to check it even more often. Hooping outside in nature, and in nice weather is euphoric and transcendental. So naturally, you will want to know every time you can look forward to it.

6. The friends you want to hang out with

Hooping at my birthday party in 2014 with my friends Jared (left), Kait (front), and me (right)

If you have friends that roll their eyes or make snarky comments when they see you have your hoops with you, you are probably going to feel hurt or judged. It is likely you will try to avoid spending time with them and prefer other hoopers or flow artists to hang out with. When you start hooping, you really do find out who your true friends are. If they can’t understand and embrace this new amazing part of you, it makes it very difficult to feel happy around them.

On a positive note, you are going to be super excited to meet new hoopers! Friends that flow together, stay together. It makes for an excellent time! Having something so awesome in common makes amazing conversations and big ideas!

7. Going out to bars or clubs

A picture of me hooping at my favorite local bar. Photo credit: Kait O’Brien

Before hooping, going out for a night of dancing probably wasn’t a big deal. You grabbed your wallet, keys, ID, and maybe your purse and you were ready to go. Now that you’re a hooper, you might feel alone and odd without your hoops. Even if you’re not used to taking your hoops into bars and clubs, you might find dancing to feel different. You might be antsy and uncomfortable without your hoops as a crutch and social cushion. At first, dancing might feel foreign to you without a hoop. However, it is a great idea to allow yourself time to dance hoop-less. It helps you discover a different aspect to your flow and practice dance moves you can do when you pick your hoop back up.

Hooping gives you the confidence to get out there and dance and forget about what others may think about it!

8. Adding new social media friends

Now that you love to hoop, you want to find others that love to hoop as well! Your social media experience starts to become very exciting and rewarding. You may add everyone who has a hoop in their profile picture. You might search for others in your area that enjoy hooping by searching through mutual friends of your hooper friends. When you get a friend request, you might get excited and say “ooh what if they live around here and want to hoop!?” Your instagram probably fills up with #hoopersofinstagram and #hooplife hashtags. You just don’t look at it the same, but its a good thing!

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9. Small talk and conversations

It might become fun and rewarding to talk to strangers now that you have a lot to say about your new passion. If you’re running a performance business, hoop making business, or teaching classes, you will want to talk to everyone about it and hand them your business card. Meeting new people is less scary now that you’re used to meeting new friends. If you’ve run into an old friend, you will be excited to fill them in on what you’ve been up to. No need to talk about the weather. You can talk about how amazing hooping is!

10. Public events

Me hooping at my local fireworks event in 2014

So there’s this big event happening in your town. Your first thought: “Can we hoop there!?”

You might just love to share the experience with people in your town. For me, it is hard to resist a crowd of people who could use some entertainment. I like to walk down to my local ‘Relay for Life’ every year just to create a buzz and be part of the excitement. This year will be my 4th time going. Last year for the first time, I took my smart hoop down to our local fireworks event. I had a lot of fun with my hooper friends before the fireworks began. They had a band playing and we set up right in front of them to add to the show. The band knows me and were happy to have me there. I had many people stop and talk to me. There were even people taking pictures! It was a lot of fun.

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