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Apr 15, 2016 · 4 min read

TOP 5 DAYCARE CENTRES IN CAMBRIDGE — Dino & Kidz, Tender Loving Day Care, Peekaboo, Pluto Day Care, YMCA

If you’re not able to stay home with your young ones during the day, finding a great daycare facility is a #1 priority.. As a single parent of a 2 year old boy, I need to feel secure that my child is not only in a safe, trustworthy environment, but also that he’s learning and being stimulated throughout the day.

Up and down, back and forth, I’ve been to many daycare facilities in the Cambridge, ON area looking for the right fit for my toddler. It’s been a tedious and exhausting process for me to be quite honest. I feel that each time I try somewhere new, I need to “re-meet” the personnel there.

After trying different locations over the past year (close to 10), I feel that there are 5 daycare centres that I’d recommend to friends or relatives. For all of them, I felt comfortable with the personnel working there, so my list looks at other factors like programs, resources, or size.

#1 — Dino and Kidz

Dino & Kidz is by far my favourite centre in the area. It has such a warm and safe feeling. I’ve also used their Brampton, ON facility if I’m working in the area and want to visit my family after work. I really like how they have a strong focus on early learning programs that are personalized to my son’s learning style. It’s so important for me to know that he gets enough 1-on-1 attention at this location. They explain it better on their website, about early reading techniques, music and creative exercises. I also really thought it was cute that they’re involved in community events like supporting services for autism. I feel confident that my son is getting the right kind of positive stimulation and care when I leave him at Dino’s for the day.

#2 — Tender Loving Day Care

Tender Loving Day care is also an option! I’d say that overall there’s less focus on early learning for children although I did see many resources dedicated to programs. The people are nice, and the location is safe and not too busy so your child will get attention.

#3 — Peekaboo

Peekaboo centres are all over the GTA, that’s one of their strengths. They are well resourced and have been around for a while. In fact they also have programs that I like, which focus on early learning. However, due to their large size and many children, I think there’s a lack of 1-on-1 attention that I’d prefer for my child. I don’t want him to become a number amongst many children, and would like some special attention for him.

# 4 — Pluto Day Care

Pluto Day Care is also another option. This is a smaller day care facility so I felt that 1-on-1 attention was a little better than at Peekaboo. However, as a smaller facility, I noticed there were less resources and activities to do than the other centres, and I really want to keep my son learning in new challenging ways.

# 5 — YMCA

The YMCA has a trustworthy name that I’m’ sure everyone is familiar with. I like how they are closely associated to the community. I feel like in some way this location is a little under-resourced as well, compared to Dino and Kidz and the others. Overall it’s still on the top 5 list as I enjoyed the friendly personnel, but I decided to try a different facility that had more activities for my son.

I hope this helps you find a daycare facility for your child that you feel great about during the day!

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