Friends meet London, London meet Friends.

Having friends visit you from outside the country, in the middle of your academic year, right after you have finished all your exams and long essays… Can arguably be considered one of the best feelings in the world!

Going on “dates” together, endless walks, infinite talks… aaahh … I am sure we can all agree on this.

What I am also sure about, is that must international students whose friends have visited, will relate with what you are about to read.

By the end of this article, you will be questioning whether our friends are the same. Or if humans are really that predictable.

Here is a list of four things to expect from a friend when they visit London for the first time.

1.Get ready to be a professional photographer

Pictures, pictures, pictures everywhere! They will want pictures of even the most insignificant things… Yes, it will look like that is the main reason why they go to London in the first place!

The tube picture is a must!

Don’t sweat it, just take a deep breath and do go with the flow, make the most of it. They are only staying temporarily, after all, so make them happy.

2. Cultural Shock

For some tourists the fact that you can be, do, think, wear whatever you feel like it, is a surprise. I am talking about sexual preferences, different religions, different cultures, and races.

Some of them will express their thoughts by making weird facial expressions, staring at something and almost all of them will ask you unnecessary questions about it.

It will sound stupid to you as you already know what London is about, but bare in mind this is all new for them, so talk it out. Take them to non-cliche places, ones that can’t be found where you come from. Make them too feel that here, they are free.

Take them to Soho!

3. Prepare yourself for the list

The list, the scary piece of paper that contains at least fifteen places to visit, 10 of which you have never even heard about.

China Town will definitely be on the list!

They will demand you to take them there, so you better have your phone fully changed and unlimited internet on your phone, because mister Google will be much needed in this situation.

And no, don’t try to trick them into thinking they have seen it all because the ticking list doesn’t lie!

Art galleries and museums will most likely also be on that list, so try to keep yourself informed of events, performances, lectures anything art/culture related (if that applies to what they like of course).

4. They will go kuku (crazy) over the nightlife

The fact that it starts at around 17:30 is already a plus, the earlier it starts, the longer it lasts=party for longer!

However, the best part of it all is the huge variety of clubs you can go to. London has from formal clubs to the most extravagant ones, from the most popular, to the obscure.

Here, there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

So I assure you, you will have many to choose from and will find the perfect one, the one all of you will most certainly love.

We found the perfect one!

No, they are not the same, humans are simply very predictable, and if your friends do not react the same way mine did, then congrats they are unique.

That is all. I sincerely hope that after this, you are more than ready to receive your friends with arms wide open.