Dance Partner

You stepped into my life and took my hand.

I didn’t have a choice, I didn’t understand

A dance unknown, but you knew my soul

Each step we took, the more you stole

You kept me from my friends and the ones that I love

You kept me for yourself holding me tight with your glove

I tried to struggle and break free from your embrace

The more that I pulled away, the harder you would hold my face

Crushing me into your chest I lost my breath

At times, I honestly would wish for death

Catching glimpses in mirrors as we glided past

I no longer recognized myself, you kept me moving so fast

You would lift me and flip me, keeping me forever off balance

There was no stopping, no pausing, no breaking free from this wicked dance.

Shouting and screaming I would beat my hands against your chest

But no sound would come out, you would shake your head, and keep dancing no less

Demon, I know you, let me free of your grip.

My soul you no longer can feed on, no, not even a sip.

Anxiety, you whispered cruel lies in my ear

You told me I was unloved, as you drew me near

You serpent, you slithered right into my chest.

Telling me I had no worth , I could never be the best

I am through with you, you can tempt me no more

Even as I lay broken, crying on the floor