Is it good or bad that the parties look so alike?
When Both Sides Look the Same
Ben Hersh

I think it’s EXTREMELY telling that the sides seem to be so far apart, and yet so very similar.

A very astute question.

Isn’t that the name of the game after all? False separation to create a current of fear on which those captured by greed can dine, almost indefinitely.

I said almost on purpose.

The ruling class needs all the plebes to be violently polarized. This extreme form of distraction is what generates the frictional fuel of fear that keeps the economy “growing” on the back of the military industrial complex.

If the Democrats and Republicans can truly be the change they want to see in the world, and truly work together like Beto O’Rourke said in his thank you speech last night, we might begin to get there.

Take it up a notch and if the KKK,the Jihadis, the skinheads, the antisemitists, and other ethno-nationaliat groups were to sit down and gather around a table to discuss their concerns and positions in a civilized way, I KNOW they’d be surprised at the amount they’d have in common. And at the common ways the system is playing them as pawns.

It’s a little like the Matrix, but not quite as viscous. At least not as far as I can tell.

I think what we are seeing with many of the extremists the world over ia that they are unleashing a toxic expression of strong emotion because they feel left behind in the rapidly changing, rapidly diversifying world.

We’ve lost our inner kindergarten teacher that tells us when to listen to our hearts, tune into our feelings, and use our words nicely with each other.

The liberals are all about what’s next. But we’ve gotten so excited about where we are going that we aren’t taking care of those who are feeling more and more left behind.

It’s not a good v evil thing.

It’s not even a right v wrong thing.

I think it’s closer to something like being risk averse or risk tolerant.

This TED talk by Jonathan Haidt about the differences between conservatives and liberals is fascinating.

We are really not all that different underneath, I believe. Evidently we aren’t very different when it comes to our branding either…

The sooner we come to understand that we are literally all one, the sooner we will learn to discard our fears and differences and begin to work together.