The Case for Slow Design
Jesse Weaver

More importantly, the consumer mindset is shifting. People are becoming more and more selective about what to spend their money on. Apple understood this before almost anyone else, and they’ve led a design revolution that has changed the expectations of every consumer who chooses to buy a product. Thoughtfulness and great design matter.
It’s no longer enough for a product to simply exist. To succeed, future products need that thing, that je ne sais quoi, that magic. And magic takes time. Magic takes craftsmanship.
Craftsmanship is the new advantage.

Jesse Weaver this is a great piece!

I think you’re absolutely right that people care more about this ->

We no longer care about acquiring — we care about connecting
With each other, with ourselves, and with our environment.

I wrote about how this craving for connection plays out in the branding, messaging, and marketing worlds. Where the mask that makes you popular is giving way to the accounts that deliver real value in a crowded information space…

Here’s to slow design and slow social media! Where craftsmanship, authenticity, and real connection actually matter.