To really “check” the power of extremists doesn’t mean reacting to them. It means disempowering them.
Did America Just Save Itself From the Bad Guys?
umair haque

umair haque — one of the reasons I think the campaign run by Beto O’Rourke created such a splash was that he was really starting to speak truth to power by not taking PAC money, by not getting popular democrats to endorse him, and by driving his own butt around Texas for 22 months in a dodge caravan with his family to see what could be done.

His thank you speech after the election CONTINUES the somewhat novel themes of service, collaboration, and a refusal to act from hatred or fear.

THIS is the shift I think more of us need to make.

We won’t disempower extremists with hate. Only love can drive out the dark, as Martin Luther King Jr. said.

If you are able to dehumanize another person, and put them in a neat little oversimplified box, what’s the difference between you and them?

I don’t think Beto is THE answer, but I know he’s a part of it. He’s an example we can understand. And I love that his campaign wasn’t blue, purple, or red. It was black and white. Very symbolic.