One does not simply learn to code
Quincy Larson

One does not simply learn to code…

What a priceless post. I think I linked to it correctly in the box above? A beautiful challenge to all of us to pick up our brains and learn how to write code because we MEAN it!

At this very moment, I’m taking my 20+ years in the technical world, and applying them to the task of learning to code. Mostly because I’m done designing digital things, then waiting for someone else to code them into a more tangible reality.

However, rather than going the coding bootcamp path, I’ve been lucky enough to figure out a recipe that seems to be working for me. And NO, it’s not simple. But it’s a heck of a lot of fun.

Learning code is all about how you frame it. it’s a fabulous tool and even kids get the concepts. My son absolutely loves the Swift Playground app by Apple. Ge’s currently learning to read — so he can learn to code. He’s 5.

What’s the recipe, you ask? Diligent application of effort to basic tutorials, and a fantastic mentor who’s walking me through the processes of applying beginner skills to actual projects.

See more about this guy, my mentor Patrick over on the Creative Collisions group.

Thank you for writing this post Quincy Larson. You’re on point there sir.

You’ve managed to very effectively remind me to be patient with my progress, to be grateful for small gains, and to remember that ALL of us are on a learning curve somewhere in the process.