I am tired. I am tired of the pain, just like I’m tired of the wait. I am tired of the treatments, and the questions. I am tired of my body not working. I’m tired of calling a day with only three episodes of vomiting “good”. I’m tired of falling. I’m tired of the stares, as I get up. I am tired of resting, and cutting things short. Tired of the days stretching into night, back into day. I’m tired of knowing my nurse’s lives, I see them so much. I’m tired of lying and telling you it’s ok, when I know it ain’t. Tired of losing sleep and finding pains. I’m tired of steroids, and I’m tired of my eye going in and out. I’m tired of eating at 5 in the morning, because the prednisone tells me to. Tired of correcting cane with walking stick. But this never ends. It never slows, and it hasn’t stopped. I’m forced to deal with this, no matter how I feel, or how weak I may be. My dreams are filled with worse case scenarios, and my days run together… And yet, I have to keep a positive attitude, and I have to keep my faith, and I’m tired of that. I’m tired of my activities consisting of sitting, in various locations. I’m so tired… and I can’t sleep. I’m just too tired to. Isn’t that something?