Facts you might not know about Twitter…

On December 9 2014, I used Voice Polls to create a 10 questions survey. I collected 10,000 opinions in a few hours. Here is what I found.

Twitter is useful

66.4% of respondents believe Twitter is useful.

Some disagree of course. Among them, people with a post graduate degree stand out. 28% of them think Twitter is useless.

The data shows that the richer you are, the more useful you consider Twitter. It’s also interesting to see that liberal people have a higher chance of considering Twitter useful.

People actually click on Hashtags

58.5% of respondents confessed having already clicked on a hashtag.

Zooming at the results, we can see that hashtags are very popular among Middle Easterners. 85% of them already clicked on a hashtag. It’s the apposite among Asian and Asian American. Only 42% of them have already clicked on hashtags.

Not surprisingly, old people don’t get it. Only 14% of them already clicked on a hashtag.

Low income people use more hashtags

There seems to be a relationship between income and hastags as well. The lower your income, the higher your chance of using hashtags?

Old people are not welcome

65.7% of the respondents would not recommend Twitter to their granparents. Why not?

Twitter’s Net Promoter Score is actually pretty low : -17%. I did some quick research and found that Apple had a NPS between 66% an 72%, and Amazon’s NPS was 66%.

Again, people from Middle East have a better perception of Twitter than the rest of the world. The average rating is 5.9 and Middle Eastern’s average is 7.4!

There is a 60% chance you won’t stay on Twitter

60.1% of people who have used Twitter in the past don’t use it anymore. That’s often the case for social networks but what’s surprising is how this number varies with respect to your race.

Feel free to dig into the Survey Report. I made it available on Scribd.If you want to play with the excel file, don’t hesitate contact me.

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