Take the pulse

After developing Voice Polls for Android and iOS, we’re now happy to announce Voice Polls for the Apple watch.

This will change the way you take the pulse and learn about the world’s opinion. Say hello to Voice Polls for Apple Watch.


No need to take your phone out for these. A simple move of you wrist will be enough to learn about the best polls that run in the app. Every day, we will feature the results of a newsworthy poll.


You can quickly access details of the latest poll you created through our Glance by swiping up from the watch face. We’ll show you the info that matters the most: the number of opinions you are collecting.

The Voice Polls app

Our Apple Watch app lets you quickly scroll through featured polls. You can tap on polls to access the results and start discussing them with the people around :)

We did our best and built Voice Polls for Apple Watch as an extension that leverages the advantages of the watch. This first version focuses on relevant information that the watch enables us to surface. Future versions might include some of the key actions possible in our mobile apps.

Feel free to reach out if you have feedback that you want to share. We would love to know that Voice Polls feels just right on your wrist!

More fun on https://voicepolls.com
Or get our apps on https://voicepolls.com/panel