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Sorry, you’re dead wrong on this. From someone who’s mother and father were gunned down in the 90s (BOTH cases have never been solved I might add) to equate intraracial violence to a hate group is borderline embarrassing. Crime is committed against those living in the closest vicinity to the perpetrator. Since the US is STILL very segregated, black folk commit against other black folk, white folk against other whites, etc. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree that something has got to change in the Black community and we cannot continue killing and hurting one another, because we already have SO MANY obstacles to get past, but we damn sure aren’t a “new klan” And may I ask what you are personally doing to stop these things other than writing misinformed “think pieces”? What happened to my parents caused me to dedicate my LIFE to youth work and attempting to keep young people off of the streets because I don’t want anybody going through the things I’ve endured. If you’re not doing a damn thing to help solve things, don’t speak on them, period. To say that “black lives matter was the worst thing to happen to the black community” shows how ignorant you truly are on this subject. Mass incarceration, the war on drugs, poverty are the worst things to happen. I didn’t know calling for the accountability of paid law enforcement was a bad thing. In my opinion, paid public officials that vowed to “protect and serve” should be held to a higher level of accountability than civilians commenting crimes. That has absolutely nothing to do with “pointing fingers” at “others”. None of this is “swept under the rug” GOOGLE the various organizations out here every single day rallying to stop these atrocious things from happening. Don’t discount the blood, sweat, and tears of thousands of people simply because you’re angry. Channel that anger and be the change you want to see! Rally for gun control, start a community program, SOMETHING. And please…educate yourself on things before letting emotions speak for you. Shut down your computer and get out there! Do something for your city if you are serious about change.

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