An authentic, fearless life

Do not live a lie
The person you are showing up as now, is not the person you could be
The reality is you’ve probably been lying to yourself for so long you don’t know who you are anymore

Decide who you are
Define who you are
Create who you are
Choose who you want to be

KNOW WHO YOU ARE…. Not the roles you play, as a spouse/partner, a son/daughter, a brother/sister, a boss, a lover
What you did in the past doesn’t determine where you want to go
Everyday is a new day
Everyday is a new beginning
So dig deep…rediscover you, in it’s truest expression

Be the driver of your own car
When you arrive, only then, you can serve — serve yourself, serve others, serve your loved ones to the fullest

Do the right thing — by you first
By your convictions
By your values
By your vision
Create a vision of what life could offer you
Imagine what that life could be for you, and it shall manifest
I promise you that

Life is precious, life is challenging yet rewarding
Ultimately, this is what you are going to leave behindPlay a bigger game
Your legacy is here to last forever

It’s never too late
You will always do more for others than you do it your for yourself
But be the change you want to be — always be truthful and authentic

We are all meant for something more
And our souls are here to create, to lift, to empower
Yours is always meant for something bigger

Trust that journey
Trust that flow
Know your biggest fears are really not as scary as you think

Most importantly, you will never disappoint others in your life or yourself, when you are in your truest form