Land of the Free?

Organic Farm Under Attack

Tyranny in the Land of the Free

The Facts

Azure farms located in Moro, Central Oregon, in Sherman County is a 2000 acre organic farm producing organic wheat, field peas, barely, Einkorn and beef.

Sherman County Oregon believes Azure farms has not done enough to control the weed, Canadian thistle. To remedy the situation the county proposes to seize the farm and spray the organic farm with cancer causing Roundup and other herbicides.

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Where are we?

More and more we see the encroachment of local, state and federal governments on personal liberty.

Azure Farms has made a decision to approach managing Canadian thistle in the best way they see fit. This does not encroach on other farms in their region. The neighboring farms, should they encounter Canadian thistle, have the same choice: use poisonous, cancer causing herbicides or use a non-harmful solution. Either way the choice is theirs, just as it is Azure Farms.

The County government must honor that.

The County and the nation should be applauding Azure farms for pursuing organic farming- farming which will produce the highest quality vegetables and produce for our families.

“Do what we say or your property and livelihood will be seized and we will do it anyway- and you will pay for it.” -The New America?

It is a dark day when healthy choices or any free choice has become the enemy.


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