Technology from the past to present. And my experience

I am going you tell you about the gadgets and technology from the past to the present and my experience as a 10 year old girl. From the Past, people had phones but they were like this huge rectangular box with a speaker from the top and the bottom. You can literally only call and text. You cannot even take a picture with it. It was that simple! In my moms time they already had a screen but there buttons are on the bottom. You can not use youtube OMG!!! really I said to my mom, you can only text and call and just communicate and take pictures and did you know that was the most favorite thing in the cellphone. Present, now this my favorite touch screen you do not need to press anything just dial the number and save it so that you do not even need to dial it again, But there are still the screen with the button but they are more expensive than before. Now the touch screen cellphones have the most famous app in the hole world yes I really mean the hole world I am not even kidding I am very serious and it is facebook and twitter and instagram and my favorite youtube. Now this is my experience.



Now my experience. When I was five I dreamed of having a cellphone. I could text my friends and play games,but when it was my sixth birthday my parents gave me my first ever phone and it was a old Nokia phone. I was so happy, and it like this. is it not beautiful. Over the years I was patient enough to get a i-phone. I learned that if you be patient enough I could get what I want.

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