Putting a bit of your soul into the World

By:Mellissa Morris

I have been working on a series of lithographs using a paper-photo transfer method. I started this series by looking up ways in which I could transfer imagery, specifically my photos. I came across this method in which you take a photo copy of a picture, gum Arabic, water, and ink. The method was simple but delicate. I quickly learned that I could manipulate many images together in a collage like format. I then started to play with drawing into the “plate” and working the back of pieces while printing. It made for some interesting marks and expressivity.

Image: “Above The Trees”, 10"x13"

In these lithographs I played with perspective and proportion. I manipulated abstraction and realism. During the process of making these prints I found myself taking extra long walks, driving around at night to capture odd reflections of light, and imagery that could be transformed.

I was able to take all of my photos with my iPhone, which I applaud myself on, as I want to be able to use photos and images quickly and effectively, without hassle and doodads. For I am at heart a painter. Anything that takes me too far away from paint for too long doesn’t usually stick in my world, however, I felt compelled to manipulate the images that were coming into my life.

The body of work quickly became supernatural and magical. Huge stars juxtaposed with little houses. Moons, trees, trails, trains, flowers, my grandmother’s floral placemat patterns, a Ferris wheel from the local town fair all came together in mystical narrative images.

Image: “While We Were Sleeping”, 10"x13"

Each piece is an original image much like a small painting. Images are cut, ripped, and composed in specific unrepeatable scenarios. Each lithograph is on archival Reeves printmaking paper hand torn by me.

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