The ubiquity of potential partners, easily attainable potential partners, has caused us to grow inpatient with the pursuit- the courting process.
The Inhumanity of Dating in 2017
Dexter Mlimwengu

I agree that Tinder and the like have definitely watered down the pursuit part of a relationship. I’ve always wondered why one cannot simply approach someone they are interested in in real life? But then I remember… I have done this a couple of times, and have been looked at weirdly by the person(How dare I approach a complete stranger in public? The horror!) or have just been laughed at awkwardly while they walk away.
I have also seen this happen to other people when they approach someone. It seems like the only acceptable way to go about this is when either you or the other person is drunk. If I am approached, I try my best to be courteous (if the other person is cute, I may even ask for their name!). Why do we need to be rude?
Makes me wonder, though, why we are comfortable with it when we are communicating electronically? Does the screen make us more impervious to rejection? Or does it make it easier for us to reject someone else? When did flirting in public become rude? I’m not sure what the answer is…but when someone has the balls to approach me in person, it makes me much more likely to respond to them.

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