AESTHET Midterm Project/Exam

1. Private Galleries

Art Verite’

A. About the gallery, artist and its comparison to other galleries.

Art Verite’ showcased a famous sculptor in the Philippines, Ramon Orlina who is famously known for fourth dimensional sculptures. His original museum is in Tagaytay and once you mention about four dimensional sculptures everyone would say his name. He is very famous in Tagaytay and known for his unique talent using medium of glass. Ramon Orlina does not simply use an ordinary medium of glass in producing his creations. In order to supply his medium of glass, he gets from abroad in order to show durability and consistency in his sculptors. Overall, the theme he used for his creations in the gallery was to show our Philippine culture such as his creation of Mt. Batulao, Passionate in Mediterranean Blue, and Tilaok ng Tandang. Additionally, he does enduring forms through his nudes, abstractions and the philosophy that crystallizes these sculptures.

The photos above are examples of his creation White Blue wonder (Blue), Shining Through (White) and Curvaceous cave (green). As to his creations, he usually creates blue, green and white as his colors to create his work because it is much more convenient and easy to use.

Recently, Ramon Ornila decided to do something different unto his creations by using a much more complicated color to create and yet beautiful. The pictures above shows his newest set of color called the Deep Amber Crystal created with these sculptures. The sculpture on the left side is called the Luminous Warmth, while on the right side is known as Waves at Sunrise.

Ramon Ornila has a became a significant Filipino sculptor in the country since he is the foremost practitioner of medium glass. Through his attention to detail in regards to the sinuous curves and planar surfaces in each side of his creations creates pleasantness and attraction to those who see his work. This is the main reason why I chose this gallery among the others since it is very unique and captivating to the eye. Because, compared with other galleries this gallery shows a one of a kind art besides paintings and such. Compared with other galleries, this is the only gallery that was able to show to everyone the use of medium of glass as a way to create art at the same time with a 4-D effect. Unlike other galleries in the fair, this gallery had showed a luminous vision that other artist may not duplicate since for more than four decades Ramon Ornila was the only one able to do so for that long and until now. Overall, the best part of this gallery compared to other galleries is that it shows a glow effect due to the manipulation of the light that radiates a glow based upon the coloration of the medium of glass that changed my eye and once then, I was captivated. Because of this, among all I chose this art gallery.

B. Interpretation of at least three (3) works:

Mt. Batulao (Carved Green Glass)

For me, the message conveys one of the mountains that we have in the Philippines. The lines and shape represents Mt. Batulao which is one of the known mountains in Batangas especially as a hiking place. I think this place is very known to the artist, Ramon because this mountain is known to be surrounded in the grounds of Tagaytay City. Because of this, in my knowledge, I think that Ramon Ornila may have gotten inspired knowing that this mountain is very beautiful and significant in the city where he lives which is Tagaytay City. As you can see, the shape of the scultpure is known as a illuminated rock because that is the derived meaning of Batulao. Therefore, the sculpture conveys Mt. Batulao as one of our significant hiking spot in the country and commemorates its significance to Ramon.

Passionate in Mediterranean Blue (Carved in Mediterranean Blue Crystal)

For me, the message is shown from the title itself Passionate since this sculpture conveys a mother’s passionate love to her baby. As you can see the curved lines shows the mother holder her womb that simply shows how passionate a love of a mother can be even before the birth of her child. Additionally, in my knowledge, I think that this sculpture reflects our culture as Filipinos of being family oriented and that no matter what happens a love of a mother to her child can never compared.

Curvaceous Eve (Carved Green Crystal)

For me, this message conveys Eve, the wife whom Adam found when he in the garden of Eden. Eve was one first creations of God and knowing that the color of the sculpture is green conveys the color of where Adam and Eve has first explored the creations of God which was the garden of Eden. Also, the sculpture shows a curved body and nude since at the time when Adam and Eve was created by God, they had no clothes in which they were naked. Thus, for me, the sculpture conveys one of the creations of God which is Eve and women as well since we are the means of giving birth to a child together with man.

2. Contemporary Artists

Jose Tence Ruiz

The artworks presented here are very realistic and have a figurative point of view to the visitors in the art fair. This kind of artwork shows social realism that signifies the difficulty of everyday life just, cruelty, and social issues just by seeing the color of the cloths which is red. His artworks show a problematical kind of aspect to the viewers since from the chains to the seats shows a scene from a philosophical past. Compared to other parts of this fair, this part is the most unique of it all as it has a dramatic effect since it shows a devastating scene about how people were being killed due to death penalty. Thus, these kinds of artwork shows what kind of artist Jose Tence Ruiz really is interested on and what he wants the visitors to feel as he sees his artworks specifically the reality of our society and the struggles people had to face even in the dark past.

The message conveyed in these artworks remind us that we have to be open to the problems of our society and how difficult life really is. These artworks convey to us that the world today is honestly cruel and never forgiving caused by a very dark feel once you go into this part. The artist want us to deal with this problem especially in regards to the social issues we have nowadays which is why the artist wanted the visitors to feel problematic seeing these artworks because this is how society really is and not only the society but the whole world. Just like him, in order to address issues he makes it through art and bring a message to people that in any that they can they can contribute in resolving the social issues we have today.

Agnes Arellano

Agnes Arellano called these sculptures as Project Pleiades. The sculptures of Agnes Arellano shows a temple-like feel and a quaternity of goddesses once you go inside the dark place. The sculptures are made from cast stone and stain with tea as shown on the picture on the left. The artworks shown by Agnes are like those in a shrine since as these are celestial beings specifically known as goddesses. These female goddesses whom are being encountered are Dakini, Tantric sky dancer; Inanna, the multi-breasted crew goddess; Hindu, goddess of time, death and destruction; Magdalene, the most beloved disciple of Christ. The sculptures makes you feel an importance of feminism and enlightenment of the different female goddesses. Each of the female goddesses have their arms raised in epiphany, power, diverge with the strength and wisdom of the sacred feminine. Thus, these sculptures basically empowers the significance of becoming woman aligned eternally and divined by means of Agnes immortalizing herself in her art through the goddesses.

The message conveyed by these sculptures in general tells us that female symbolisms come from space which is Mother earth. This is because each of these goddesses have womb-like qualities, spaces, and even emptiness that shows creativity, and the phenomenal world. Dakini, the Takini sky dancer is known as the Great Mother, the womb of potentiality that conveys a message that women are the source of inspiration in which sky signifies the meaning of having a room to move at the same time having to take the time to look and reflect to ourselves outside our situations for a moment so that we can be able to perceive clearly that we need to zone out and have room for ourselves. Simply, the Dakini recognizes the our moments of intuition in which sometimes we need space from our situations, such as problems and reality so that we can be able clear out our thought and feelings as we develop a sense of clarity among ourselves. Inanna, the multi-breasted goddess is known as the Queen of Heaven, the goddess that also signifies love, fertility, passion and war. She is known to be a very complex goddess and sadly she was arranged for marriage by her parents without her knowledge. Despite of her independence given by her parents, Inanna conveys a message to women that just like her we deserve to be treated with respect and most importantly, we must know our boundaries since Inanna has never slept with Dumuzi, the boy whom she was asked to marry rather than lie to her parents. Additionally, Inanna conveys a message that women can always have a masculine side thats why as shown in her arms she holds an axe as a weapon for combat. In general, Inanna reminds all the woman that they are not weak just like her as this weapon she is holding shows her war-like side that she is not weak, rather she is strong so other women should feel the same way as she does. Hindu, the goddess of time, death and destruction is actually named as Kali that is often related to sexuality and violence. The message conveyed by Kali is that life is short which means that our bodies have a temporary condition so we should always take care of our health and do what makes us happy while we still can. Magdalene, the most beloved disciple of Christ conveys that each one of us as Catholics must always learn to have an encounter with God the same that she did but at the same time we must learn to share this encounter with God to others through tender love as God loves us. Moreover, she conveys a message to us that each message and lesson we get from God is always meant to be shared to everyone so having said that, we must learn to committed to God in faith, hope and love. Thus, all these sculptures have a deeper message unto it rather than just by looking unto it and it gives a significant sense and meaning to our lives.

3. Reflection/Insights

Comparison of Audience

The first thing I noticed is that the number of people that are here in the Art Fair museum are very much higher in number compared to those who go to National Museum. Moreover, I noticed that there is a difference in terms of the types of people who goes in Art Fair compared to the National Museum. This is because the people in Art Fair are mostly bloggers, rich people such as foreigners, & celebrities knowing their capability of buying the artworks seeing the prices as shown. Although, just like in the national museum, there are a number of students coming inside the museum and usually teenagers would go as well. More importantly, the art compared to today from the past is very different. From, it shape, color and even its messages to the society of today. Also, the audience of the national museum are oriented before entering the exhibits that’s why they are less noisy and more cautious than the audience of art fair. On the other hand, the people in the art fair are simply shown to the counters to pay for the ticket that served as a wristband.

In relation to this, the rules in the art fair were less spoken by the usherettes as they believe that the people would be disciplined but rather what they do is encourage the visitors to try out the things inside and have fun like the wall of sound wherein as make press parts of the wall you can hear beats of sound it actually depends on which part you press down the wall. The picture as shown above is the wall of sound from the art fair which are originally two walls but this is just one of it.

As regards to the creations, the art of today uses much more brighter colors that is attracting to the eye of viewers and conveys messages in a much more modern sequence than those arts shown in the national museum that uses much darker colors and pale colors. In terms of materials, it had become much more innovative such as the artwork shown in the top right that is made of cloth which is one of the best creations I have seen in the art fair. Moreover, the art of today is much more interactive than today as compared to those of the art in the past. An example would be this artworks.

Overall Art Fair PH experience

Despite that it was my first time attending an Art Fair, I had so much fun with my constants, my boyfriend (Julian) and my bestfriend (Abbygail). After all the thesis work and all the academics, I felt so much better going here since it was a way for me to zone out and have fun for once in a while. I honestly did not think of this as an exam but rather as a way to have a great time. Moreover, I feel really good going here since these are the kinds of things I miss to go to since the last time I would go to these places was during our fieldtrip back in highschool when we would go to art museums. I find this art fair fascinating knowing how much art has grown throughout the years and especially being able to experience the art scene itself inside the art fair was absolutely significant. Lastly, I look forward in going back here once again and hopefully purchase one of the artworks someday.