Trip with your buddies worth all the moneys

It is a real wolrd wonder — how little do people need to feel comfortable, happy, inspiring and cheerful. A two-day trip abroad with my girls is worth a 2-weeks vacation with my family (sorry, family, I love you a lot).

Early in the Saturday morning, after I kissed my husband and sleeping son, I left to join my friends in a taxi. Two-hours flight — and we’re in Stockholm, walking the colourful streets up and down, eating delicious everyday food, laughing, crying and having so much fun that I wanted to scream towards the sky. Plans, dreams, thoughts — everything was here. Well, I’m sorry I cannot tell about it properly. Because it’s a little like explaining the joke when no one is laughing — if you don’t understand it from the first time, it won’t get to you afterwards.

I was back home Monday afternoon. The trip was really short but full of happiness, friends, laughter, hugs and kisses (family, I still love you). On the flight back I sat with a Norwegian woman who decided to have a 3-weeks trip in Australia and we talked all along. She said, ‘Well, I’m going to travel across Europe, but when I get really old (she is 72), not now. Now I want to see the world, because I’ve been to a lot of countries, but not Australia’. And also: ‘Life is too short to give up. Don’t give up’.

I’m writing that and now it is that uncomfortable moment you want to cry because you’re happy. All of a sudden I feel I can do anything, I CAN and WANT. I want to make it clear: not that I didn’t feel like that before. But all my dreams and goals immediately met an excuse: always a ‘no’, a ‘but’, a ‘what the hell are you doing no one needs you there’. Now — and I want somehow to save this feeling and this vision — I see them in separate rooms: one room is full of life, dreams and beginnings, they swarm and fly there, they crave for an exit. The other room is full of stones that lay on the floor and murmur: ‘no’, ‘don’t do it’, ‘you belong here’, ‘don’t rush’, ‘changes are bad’ and so, so on. The wall netween the rooms is strong enough now.

A trip with your buddies gives you the cement that can strengthen the wall. After you’ve got a strong carcass, you can start making a window (you see, one of my dreams is obviously to design a house) to let dreams fly.