5 Tech Tools for English Language Learning

As a final project for our technology module in our TESL course, we would like to share tech tools that are useful for ESL teachers and English language learning students. Enjoy!

  1. Kahoot, website, iPhone, iPad and Android

What is is: An interactive app/website with a gaming aspect — it’s fun, competitive and students and teachers love it!


Pros: It’s free, interactive and engaging — watch out because Kahoot! might inspire students to go all WWE on you. You can create your own quizzes and search for others, too.

Cons: Your students need an electronic, internet connected device in order to participate.

2. Tandem, app for Android, iPhone and iPad

What it is: A language exchange app that connects you to a speaker of the target language you want to practice — and they want to practice your native language with you.

Tandem App Promo Video

Pros: free, connects you with real people to practice your English, selection of age/gender preferences of your language partner.

Cons: There may be a waitlist in your country, and it takes a while to set up the app and fill in your profile.

3. TediSub, app for iPhone and iPad (Ted app on Android has built in subtitle features)

What it is: TediSub is an app that allows you to add primary and secondary subtitles onto TED videos — this feature is missing from the iPhone and iPad version of the TED app but is available in the Android version.

Pros: There is the ability to add subtitles to videos and even more than 1!

Cons: Your students may come to rely too heavily on subtitles when you don’t want them to! (Yeah I ended that sentence with a preposition!)

4. USA Learns, website, Android, iPhone, iPad

What it is: It’s a comprehensive resource for practicing your grammar, vocabulary, speaking, pronunciation, listening, reading and writing in English.

USA Learns video:

Pros: It’s an extensive resource, complete with videos.

Cons: The website can be a little overwhelming, with a lot of information to see and lots to click.

5. Duolingo, iPhone, iPad, Android

What it is: Duolingo is a gamified way to learn multiple languages that saves your progress for you, so you can return to it, even after months of letting the app gather dust.

Duolingo promo video:

Pros: You can adjust your profile to give you instructions in your native tongue, and the app adjusts based on your performance.

Cons: You can get stuck on a certain level, and it can feel too repetitive — which is why we mentioned the app gathering dust up above.