Learning Out Loud (LOL)

The world of business and technology is changing and moving so fast. What we learned in business school 20 years ago is obsolete.

Marketing is coming up with new ways of reaching people every day. There are new software, new funnels, new vimeo, or live video marketing techniques. By the time you have master one, a new marketing concept is out!

Side question, do we need to go to college and pay that much money for business or marketing degree when things are getting outdated so fast?

Well, the only way to keep up is to learn all the time and become a master in that area we want to be an expert.

In his book “The Outliers,” the psychologist Malcolm Gladwell describes “The 10,000 Hour Rule”. 
The main idea is that 10,000 hours of “deliberate practice” are needed to become an expert in your field.

Yes, you can say that to become a pianist or a tennis player this rule can be applied.

But, in the field of Entrepreneurship where things a moving fast, one can become a master by just being the first one to learn, implement and delegate that expertise.

The Entrepreneur Mind is breaking all the rules!

The Entrepreneur is like, I am not an expert in anything, but I am willing to try. I will learn, do and teach the skills I need, all at once.

The Entrepreneur says I need a website. Well, I will learn to make it, I will make it, and I will teach how I am making it to people a the same time.

The new rule is LEARN OUT LOUD.

Learn, do and teach the skill you want to be an expert on at the same time.

Yes, it might take 10,000 hours.

But not 10,000 to learn it, 10,000 hours to implement it, and another 10,000 hours to teach it.

Yes, you will be making mistakes on the way. So what LOL.