I thought the world was a straight line, like a piece of yarn. It could go hundreds of miles to the end of Earth. Or perhaps, there’s no end. It could go beyond the universe where humans have never ventured. But why, I question, is there a giant fork in the middle of a straight line? Why can’t we all end up in the same place? Because we can’t. Decisions cause us to go our separate ways. Our different experiences shape the individual that defines you. No one can be mirrors of each other. No identical twins are alike.

However in times of distress, dilemmas are met. Like stop signs, life is temporary in a halt. How can you break away from the crossroads of life? Stop and think back to the decisions you made from previous crossroads you’ve encountered. Crossroads compel you to have purpose in life. What would life be if people walk on the same road as you? People will be mirrors of each other.

Think back to your previous crossroad. It could be an easy decision. Or it could be a difficult decision. Did everyone take to the same path as you did? It would be awful if everyone took the same path as you or if you followed the same path as someone.

Instead, crossroads make you unique and make you less like the mirror of another individual.

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