Dear Pantsuiters

Melody Feldman
Nov 10, 2016 · 2 min read

I wanted so badly for HRC to be the first woman president. My husband and I are planning on having a child in the next couple of years and I was so excited to raise them in this inclusive, progressive world. I woke up on the 8th so excited to vote for Hillary, to usher in a new era of a female president, to build on all the great accomplishments of the Obama presidency.

But the world changed on Tuesday. And now we’re on day two of a world that looks very different, that feels foreign and alien.

Yesterday I was so very, very sad. I wanted to wallow and grieve and crawl under the covers for the next four years.

But today, today I feel emboldened. Emboldened to do all the things I’ve said I’d do but haven’t. Emboldened to donate and volunteer my time and capabilities to organizations that I care about. Emboldened to be an activist, to use my privilege and access to help more. Emboldened to not just sit back and see the world change around me, but to actually do more to make it change.

Even though HRC wasn’t elected, there will still be a first woman president, and we all can make sure that happens sooner, rather than later. All of us can make this happen by volunteering and donating and voting and talking and listening and learning from each other. And who knows, maybe our first female president is in this group, maybe she’s reading this post right now.

There was a lot of talk throughout this election about Obama’s legacy, about how a Trump presidency will destroy that legacy. I reject that. Obama’s legacy, the legacy of hope, of moving forward, of inclusivity, that legacy is us. All of us. Us in Pantsuit Nation, us who are marching in the streets, us who are pledging our time and our dollars and who are talking and listening and being there for each other.

And all of you, the parents who are striving to raise kind, empowered, smart children. All of you who had to wake up on Wednesday with heavier hearts, who had to tell your sleepy-eyed children that the country let them down. You who promised to love and support and care for your children no matter what. There’s a whole generation you’re raising, a whole generation who in four years and eight years and twelve years and sixteen years will be able to vote. You’re raising these children to reject bigotry, to fight for what’s right, to be better then all the other generations before them.

We’re the legacy of Obama’s presidency, of Hillary Clinton’s historic run, of the Bernie movement, of hope, of moving forward, of inclusivity. Progress is hard, it’s painful and it is never, never a straight line. But we are striving and fighting for progress, and we are raising children to keep fighting as well.

Stay strong Pantsuiters, stay together and no matter what, in the immortal words of HRC:

“Never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it.”

Melody Feldman

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Writer. Reader. Human rights supporter. Always striving to be better.