There are places where things are as they should be.
No one is debating if the sky is blue,
Or if the Aspens grow in colonies.
No one is afraid for the future,
Or afraid at all.
The pine needles aren’t looking for recognition
Or to be “better than”.
They just are. Living into their purpose.
It’s a peaceful place.
But not a dormant one.
It’s vibrant, in a quiet and grand kind of way.
Yes, it’s quiet.
Unless the bees are buzzing;
Or the squirrels are clucking;
Or the birds are singing.
It’s a place where life cycle takes lots of time.
Where time and balance are the best antidotes
for real, deep down growth.
It’s truth.
And you know it in your soul.
Just being there is life-giving.
Rubbing shoulders with the created order.
Standing in the playground of God.
It feels removed from the clutter and clamor of politics
Or the monotony of the 9–5.
It’s definitely the bigger picture.
And we’re all invited to go there.
It may not involve a plane ticket. 
It may just involve stepping into your back yard.
P.S. Leave your phone on the dining table.