Melody Jacobs
Mar 19, 2016 · 3 min read

Over the years i have learnt a lot from blogging and if i have to say, a lot really matters in getting audience and traffic for your blog or website. The search engine basics does matter but also these things also comes into play.

I would briefly run down through everything, keep reading

1) Consistency

Consistency is a thing i really would commend myself for, staying in the minds of people really helps, post as regular as you can, this is an easy way to grow your traffic and get audience

2) Picture texture

Believe me if you check some good and known bloggers, they have good pictures. Sometimes the outfit doesn’t really look good or flattering but with the use of good camera to obtain good photos, this gives it a different touch and makes it attractive.

3)Pose and altitude

Your pose in a picture really matters as a fashion blogger, different cloths needs different poses, holding a cup of coffee wearing a white shirt and a pair of jeans should be different from a pose you give wearing a long mermaid dress.

4) Blog Template arrangement

This is very important, the way your template looks really counts, much unnecessary side bars should be removed as it causes distraction to the mine content. This mostly comes in play during collaboration with online stores, they tend to look at how your blog is designed and of course your traffic.

5) Social Networks (sharing)

It has been made kinda easy for us, so many social networks are available for you to join, this helps you get traffics. Different people on different social medias, clicking from different ends helps grows your traffic. (Newsletter).


Monitor your audience and check what time gives you a higher traffic, this helps you to share your content at the right time, when they are online.

Interact on other blogs

I would really commend fashion stir free on this. she has a great way of interacting with other bloggers. Sharing your ideas and commending other contents is a good way of getting traffic, because in turn they will do same.

8) Post Tittle and Blog Content

I would say the tittle and written content plays a major role in the SEO optimization which helps during search. Getting the right words that people would want to search for and about, is very important, as would it help redirect them to your blog and in otherwise growing your traffic.

Also define your style and content but if you can not go in one direction, then make it broad but interesting and worth the time.

9) Trends

Am not a fan of wearing trends but its a way of getting out there, wearing trends gives you a way to get featured along side with other people who wore same trend.

10) Know your body type

Buy cloths that suits you body, fashion is not just about what you wear or creating your own style, it is also about how it looks on your body.

1) Planing, patience and styling

Am not gonna go deep into styling, my point here is organization, which is mostly important for those who try to restyle or wear a particular trend. Do rush the outfit, plan the best way or outstanding way it can be styled. Do not just wear the outfit just because it is trending, give it a nice look.

I fell like some fashion bloggers wanna wear everything in one outfit, that is a risky way to go, esp during accessorizing, be careful when doing this, because this can change your outfit and hide the beauty in it. People see mistakes more faster.

12) Speed

Blog speed should be fast to help easy navigation. Right now i am working on my blog speed. It is so tiring waiting for the contents to load.

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