The Stigma of Psychosis
Bridget Greenfield

I’ve had those thoughts before too. Around the age of 13 I was diagnosed with a severe chemical imbalance that was causing major depression and I started acting on those thoughts. I’m glad you’re writing! Writing helped me too. Unfortunately, I never had the courage to write about it directly at the time so I wrote poetry instead and eventually started putting them to songs which led me down to song writing and that’s when I realized I found my passion. I still have bouts of depression and sometimes I think dying is better than living and when those thoughts occur I sit at the piano or with the guitar and madly start playing and singing whatever comes to mind and start jotting everything down. And I do it until those bad thoughts are gone and I’m left with something I can be proud of. I say all of this because if you haven’t already, I hope that you find what your passion about (hopefully it’s writing!) and you’re able to eventually use this experience in your life to fuel something that you love doing because it’s like spinning straw into gold. I’m inspired by your article. Thank you for writing about it and bringing awareness to it. :)

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