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How to use writing in your design process

Writing has gained a lot of attention lately as a critical design skill. Many UX teams have caught on to the importance of voice and tone in interfaces, and are hiring writers in spades.

I’ve spent my career in both product design and writing roles. When I was a content strategist at Facebook, design thinking was a key part of my writing process. Now as a product designer at Dropbox, I make use of my writing background every day.

When my hobby was no longer my formal job, I was able to find new meaning in it. After switching careers to design, writing felt looser and airier to me. It was like reading for pleasure after years of following school curricula. When I was less precious about it all, I realized that I get more out of the act of writing than the finished work itself. …


Melody Quintana

Designer, writer, and toddler-chaser. Currently unleashing creative energy @dropbox. Formerly @facebook, @thetileapp, @svaixd.

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