Dear Senator Sanders: I’m with You in the Fight Ahead
David Brock

YOU, Mr. Brock, are single-handedly responsible for unleashing an army of trolls so nasty, vile and abusive that you turned voters who otherwise would have voted for Clinton as a second choice into voters who were determined to be #neverClinton.

YOU, Mr. Brock, unleashed the nasty, abusive army that made Trumpanzees look downright civilized and intelligent in comparison.

YOU, Mr. Brock, unleashed the army that infected the real Clinton voters into thinking they could just bully voters into voting for her.

YOU, Mr. Brock, unleashed the nasty army that infected our own friends and family members with the idea they could abuse us into voting for Clinton which damaged and severed many of our relationships.

YOU, Mr. Brock, unleashed the very same sexism and bigotry you had your trolls accused others of.

YOU, Mr. Brock, infected Clinton voters with the idea that they could call us petulant children all while verbally abusing us and stamping their feet and petulantly demanding that we vote for their corrupt candidate.

YOU, Mr. Brock, probably came up with the whole Berniebros idea, as well as the Obama boys idea. We all know that’s how you operate.

Mr. Brock, you can’t make up for your corporate candidate’s corruption and warmongering ways by bullying the real progressives. It just doesn’t work that way.

YOU, Mr. Brock, spent millions of dollars to elect Trump, the most ignorant, immature, vicious fascist this country has ever seen as a presidential candidate. You pealed enough voters away from an already fatally flawed candidate to make that happen.

You’re nothing but a political whore whose only wares for sale are your many methods of abuse and you always have been. No wait. That gives whores a bad name. The mere fact that Clinton even associates with you is further damage to her.

YOU, Mr. Brock, maligned the best candidate we have ever had in my lifetime and the only one who could have beaten Trump in a landslide. This is, in large part, your fault.

Go away and stay away.

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