A Stranger Tried to Trick Me Into Getting Into His Car By Pretending to be a Lyft Driver
Emma Lindsay

YES. I could’ve written this exact same thing. A week and a half ago, some guy on a website designed to connect with your neighbors, messaged me out of nowhere and pushed himself into my life. He asked me out THREE TIMES over the course of 18 hours, all of which I said no to. When I didn’t comply he snapped and said, “Well I’ll just quit trying then!” And then claimed to only want friendship. When I called him out on snapping at me having not ever met me, he said, “When you meet me you’ll understand why I’m sensitive to things like that.” (I’m being VERY generous with the grammar, here. He is not the sharpest tool in the box.) 
So, excuse me? I have to MEET YOU to hear your story of why you’re a dick to other women when they don’t bend to your wants? So because you messaged me unsolicited on a non-dating site I somehow owe you my time, my conversation, my sympathy? When I told him I wasn’t interested in meeting or dating him and that I owed him absolutely nothing, HE got mad at ME for ever thinking he wanted to date me. He “only wanted friendship.” Right. Because dudes that message girls unsolicited and ask them out three times and then bitch when they don’t say yes just want friendship. Sure.

Four days later, he texts me late at night. “So, we’re not hanging out then?” I said, “No.” “Oh…I thought you would’ve changed your mind. I apologize.”

Right. *BLOCK*

I feel all your feelings, too, about guilt for denying men their attention. Like somehow we’re supposed to be grateful as a gender for their attention at all. You nailed it right on the head. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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