The Lesson Behind Running Petty Facebook Ads

It wasn’t too long ago I was still trying to recover from a bad breakup.

You know the ones I’m talking about. The kind that makes you question your existence. The kind that makes you doubt you entire being. The kind that forces you to ask yourself, ‘Am I good enough?’

In my final attempt to get back at my ex, I used my brilliance and collective business knowledge along with Facebook ad strategy for pettiness *inserts evil grin*.

But let’s rewind a bit further.

A few months before, I hit a major milestone in my business. I brought in $12,000 in less than two months. I was proud of myself. I’d worked so hard for so long trying to gain momentum. When I finally started bringing in contracts that were more than a couple hundred bucks, it was huge accomplishment that my mentor, mastermind sisters and I celebrated.

As Beyonce have said so eloquently in her Formation debut, the best revenge is your paper, which came out months after my petty Facebook ads, I wanted to show him that I was getting my paper.

I wanted to make sure he saw and knew about it.

Because I knew my ex’s demographics down to the several pages he’s liked on Facebook, I decided to run ads targeting him.

I used an existing blog post I had and repurposed it, How I Made $12K in My Business While Working a Full-Time Job.

Surely, a title like that would catch anyone’s attention.

But my concern wasn’t to get the attention of new clients. It wasn’t even to get leads or email subscribers.

My only hope was that he’d see it.

He was my target audience. He was my ideal client avatar, what I preach about to my clients all of the time.

Based on his location, age, school he attended, pages he’s liked and of course the fact that he’s a male, I ran an ad campaign with those exact specifications.

I have to say, my Power Editor skills are the bomb. It only took one hour for him to see it.

I bet you’re wondering, how do you know? Did he reach out to you or comment?

Of course not!

Google Analytics if your friend and can be your foe if you allow it. I was able to trace the a IP addresses that landed on that blog post during the time frame of launching the ad campaign and sure enough… one of the IP addresses had his home address.

Maybe I shouldn’t be telling you this. :). I promise I’m not apart of a secret government organization. I just know things, ok?

Anyway, this is my confession behind using Facebook ads for being petty. I wonder if I’m the first person to do this?

That was when I realized I had the skills to pay the bills — and serve my clients in making sure they can get in front of their target audience. Since then, I stopped wasting ad dollars for pettiness. And you know what else? I made over $10,000 a month recently and I didn’t run any Facebook ads promoting it.

Now For The Lesson.

My ex was my ideal client at that time. I was running something that’ll trigger him in whatever way it did (enough to make him click on it) and put something in front of him that he’d be interested in — whether it came from an ex-girlfriend or not.

This is how Facebook ads targeting works!

Think about who exactly is your ideal client. Think of just one person. The one person you want to get in front of. The one person you are dying to work with.

Are they male or female?

In what country, city, state or town do they live in?

What do they read?

What are they interested in?

Really go deep into who your ideal client is. I mean, really go deep.

Once you’ve done that, now think about what does this person what? What are their “triggers”? What keeps them up at night? What are they dying to get their hands on?

Then you can craft a freebie or write a blog post as the solution to their trigger.

This just covers the surface of Facebook ads and how to accurately target your ideal clients. I created a FREE step-by-step guide on how to identify your ideal clients. It also includes two case studies of ads of successful ad campaigns I ran for clients.