Preparing for a Negotiation: One Pager

A cheat sheet for any situation

I’m a true believer that getting what you want involves a little bit more than just wanting it. Whether it is a job promotion or a big merger opportunity, one must always come prepared with a winning argument.

Preparing a winning argument requires you to understand your situation, but also that of the opposing party.

How do your interests and objectives differ from each other? What are the alternatives? BATNAs? What is the negotiation’s ZOPA? What issues should be mentioned and supported?

There are a lot of things to think about before jumping into a position of negotiation. Therefore, here is a little preparation worksheet that we used in our MIM Negotiation Course at IE to prepare for our mock cases.

I’m not sure who designed this worksheet. But one of the geniuses that introduced me to it was Paula Almansa. If you want the PDF version that I made for studying purposes, here you go:

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Author: Melody Ann Ucros

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