What Can a Stupid, Mansplaining Comment Teach You About Neoliberalism?
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Intelligent, articulate rant. The God of money has beguiled the world, symbol become reality, value become price.

The mass mind is reverting to an onanic relationship with a digital tit, ever more bursting with its somatic milk of sparkly nonsense.

Child stars who became ugly, gay celebs’ 10 tips to happy matrimony, victims of botox gone wrong, it’s a carney show out there, a vaudeville of the grotesque. Coney Island boardwalk 1920 fast forwarded to now.

Playing mindless games on phones no crime in itself, but as metaphor for the amount of precious brain cells fiddling while Rome burns all around it’s as apt as it gets…

Guilty pleasures, we probably all have them. Other people’s are always more damning though!

Spirited critique makes the world go round, the more the merrier.